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1 DAY 

Levels: Initiate and Intermediate

Our body is usually exposed to toxic materials through air pollution, food and water. With time we end up accumulating toxins in our bodies, damaging our cells, causing inflammation, reducing our capacity to absorb nutrients and ultimately, it can cause decease and chronic pain.

The least stimulating, acidic and inflammatory ingredients, the simpler the digestion and the easier it is to absorb vitamins and minerals.


However, poor choice of food is not the only source of intoxication feelings. The adopted routine, stress, negativity, excess work, anxiety, exhausting emotions, the information we consume and the way we think is crucial to our health.


Our focus is to help purify, nourish and balance our bodies (physical, mental and emotional), creating the right environment so that our body can activate the innate ability to re-establish and regenerate and so that you can adopt new, healthier and more conscious life habits in all areas of your life.


What is detox?

As the name says it’s a detox, a purification, a cleanse, a sanitation of body, mind and emotions. The liquid base fasting promotes the liberation and removal of toxins present in the body, mainly in the liver and intestines. Those toxins accumulate along the years and end up making the body more impermeable to the absorption of nutrients. Besides the cleanse we are going to have the chance to nourish your body.


Did you know that… The simpler the recipes the more nourishment to the body?


The less ingredients the body must process, the simpler the digestion, the easier will be the absorption of nutrients, allowing the digestive system to rest and, consequently, accelerate the vital regeneration of the body.

The simpler the food, the clearer our thoughts and the better prepared we’ll be to understand the subtleties of life.

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How does it work?

As soon as we receive the reservation amount, we’ll send a survey meant to gather your personal data and medical history information.


On the day of the arrival we’ll have a circle with a brief introduction and preparation for the detox.



During the retreat detox tea, soups and juices/milkshakes will be served. All meals are free from dairy, sugar and gluten. Stimulating and inflammatory drinks will not be served: coffee, alcohol and sugar.


During the retreat you may further deepen your work through different proposed detoxifying practices or integrative therapies.



The practice of Yoga, with its postures (asanas), and its techniques (pranayamas), the different meditations and relaxation techniques (Nidra) seeks to bring an improvement on the quality of life and a harmony between the different bodies (physical, emotional and mental). It helps us to ground ourselves, relax, detox and expand, not only the body. It expands our consciousness and changes the way we see the world.


“The perfection of Yoga is to be exactly as we Are.”


Yoga at Quintinha do Mar offers a diversified range of possibilities, in the practice, that may be achieved by anyone, independent of their physical condition.


Day after day, and as we develop the connection with Yoga, the practices adapt, either to the moment as to the needs of the group, and it can be quiet or more dynamic.


The purpose is always self-knowledge, presence and full connection with your Being and with everything that surrounds you.


  • 1 Qi Gong Class ;

  • 1 Therapeutic Walk : Mountain and Sea;

  • Therapeutic Activities: Gratitude Journal & Personal Mantra;

  • Individual or Group Therapy - Advised during the retreat through the therapeutic development of each participant;

  • 1 night accommodation;

  • Detox Diet: You will always have infusions and seasonal fruit available. You can serve yourself as much as you want and without a set schedule.

    * All activities are subject to change during the course of the retreat.

VALUES per peson

  • 1 person in a 4-person shared room (rooms for girls and rooms for boys, with bunk beds) €240

  • 1 person private room €345


Reservations for 2 people - 10% discount:


  • 2 people shared double room (Twin or Double) 558€

Know more about our accommodation  >



Retreats that take place several times a year.


None of these dates work for you? Write us and make your personalized proposal.


Check-in time is at 11 am.

Leaving the room at 10 am. You can store your belongings elsewhere on the Quintinha and stay in the space until 6pm.*

* Except for retreats that start on a Friday (Entry and Departure: 6 P.M.)

Dynamics and Security Measures:

Our retreats are completely personalized, in individual format or in small groups. The group meets in the common rooms and in the activities room during practices. The activities take place indoors with the proper distance and weather permitting, preferably outdoors. If you prefer, meals can be served individually.


At this time of the year and due to the proximity of the sea, it can be quite cold in Quintinha do Mar. It is important to know that  we have a sustainable view on the use of energy and that is why heating (fireplace) takes place in the common rooms: living room activities, meals, etc. We do not use air conditioning.

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