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Quintinha do Mar

The beautiful surroundings, with practices that aim to balance body and mind, delicious vegetarian meals and the joy of riding the waves, help us relax and rediscover the passion for life.

Get to know us better, find out how it all began and what our values are.

Our story

For the quest to find our greater self, Quintinha do Mar was born.
We are a quiet space by Serra de S. Julião, in the region of Ericeira, surrounded by nature and only a few steps away from the ocean.
Quintinha do Mar was born with the purpose of building activities that promote the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit of all that visit us, providing healing and well-being events to its guests.
Here, you can rest and take a detox diet and do a cleansing of the body, or even a controlled fast (always under medical supervision). We have built an environment that promotes deep emotional work, contributing to your personal growth.
We also offer short and medium-term family and individual accommodation.

Our "why"

"This space was born from the constant search for my life purpose. I believe in Love, sharing knowledge, in trust and surrender to the wisdom of life, in listening to intuition… All in cooperation with the intelligence of nature, and lessons from Mother Earth. Everything I do is with an attitude of service to others for Greater Good. Taking small steps, leaving great footprints. All of this by encouraging the practice of meditation and conscious communication.”

Our philosophy

We believe that a happy and healthy life depends not only on the practice of all activities that aim for the balance between body, mind, and spirit but also the proximity and care with Nature.

Here, you will have a personalized diet according to guidelines based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In your diet, the idea is to get to the point of eating only when you are hungry and stop eating when your body does not ask for food, respecting the natural rhythms.
We act on the principle that when we make a healthy diet rich based on living foods, while we are in touch with nature and express our emotions more, we are on the path of healing.

Our focus is to help you create healthier and more conscientious living habits. We believe that this is the most direct way to cure or prevent illness and recover from the physical and emotional problems of everyday life. Our approach is directed towards improving health, rather than eliminating the symptoms of the disease.

We encourage active listening because it is critical to listen and support each other without judgment or criticism. We want you to learn how to relax, breathe calmly and deeply, using meditation.

Sustainability is also one of the principles of Quintinha do Mar. 
That can be seen in the materials we use, the ingredients we put in our recipes and on the lifestyle we take. We respect our space, just as we expect the people who visit us to do so.