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Levels: Initiate and Intermediate

Do you think you need to spend some quality time with yourself?

Contemporary life’s demand is huge. We keep doing more stuff and at a higher speed. This giddy rhythm exhausts us and limits our ability to live in the moment.


Taking care of us, our body, mind and spirit, promoting our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being is fundamental to face the daily challenges with enthusiasm and joy for life.


Now it’s time to…

Dedicate yourself to you.

This retreat offers a perfect combination between Yoga, Qi Gong & Tai Chi Ch'uan, Ayurvedic Medicine and Healthy Kitchen because we believe in the power of synergy, in complementarity and that change is bigger and more effective when combined with other practices.

Our retreats are carefully designed to small groups, creating a safe and intimate environment, so you can practice listening within yourself, take to your life a new way of being, to be and to feel and to enjoy all the experience without external distractions.


Each experiment is unique and unreplaceable, here you can enjoy the different practices for your pleasure and benefit. You’ll find a thoughtful team, a space full of love and a place surrounded by nature in its purer state, so you can surrender yourself to the practice and achieve the highest balance.


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The practice of Yoga, with its postures (asanas), and its techniques (pranayamas), the different meditations and relaxation techniques (Nidra) seeks to bring an improvement on the quality of life and a harmony between the different bodies (physical, emotional and mental). It helps us to ground ourselves, relax, detox and expand, not only the body. It expands our consciousness and changes the way we see the world.


“The perfection of Yoga is to be exactly as we Are.”


Yoga at Quintinha do Mar offers a diversified range of possibilities, in the practice, that may be achieved by anyone, independent of their physical condition.


Day after day, and as we develop the connection with Yoga, the practices adapt, either to the moment as to the needs of the group, and it can be quiet or more dynamic.


The purpose is always self-knowledge, presence and full connection with your Being and with everything that surrounds you.


Qi Gong & Tai Chi Ch’uan

Taijiwuxigong is a Chinese self-healing system, simple and powerful, based in Qi Gong (Chi Kung) and Taiji (Tai Chi Ch’uan) founded by the great master Dr. Shen Hongxun.


This system uses several synchronized exercises, static and dynamic postures, combined with breathing techniques, sound and mental concentration that may be executed standing or lying down.


This practice fits everyone and may be adapted to all ages and health conditions.


The main objectives are to detox / purify the body, the energetic system and the emotions, promoting health, rejuvenation, joy and vitality.


It’s an opportunity to unleash your inner potential and discover a new way to look at yourself and to the world.

Healthy Kitchen

Made with love. We believe the most important ingredients for a good meal are: love, generosity, dedication and creativity.


During the retreat you may experience the benefits of our delicious vegetarian and vegan meals, carefully prepared, especially for you. With fresh ingredients and, mostly, from small local producers.


The purpose of healthy nutrition is to find balance between the ingredient’s energy, favouring the offer and absorption of vitamins, mineral salts and fibers, improving the digestion of food and promoting the purification of the colon.


Please, if you have any intolerance or food restriction let us know in advance.


Stimulating and inflammatory beverages will not be served: coffee, alcohol and sugar.


  • 5h of Pratice  - Yoga and/or Qi Gong* ;

  • 1 session - Therapeutic Massage - Tui Na (1h);

  • Therapeutic Activities: Gratitude Journal & Personal Mantra;

  • 5 Therapeutic Walks : Mountain and Sea;

  • 1 Individual Therapy - Unlock Your Vital Energy; 

  • 6 breakfasts and dinners (vegetarian/ vegan);

  • 5 delicious lunches (vegetarian/ vegan);

  • 6 nights accommodation.

    *The Pratice Plan (Yoga and/or Qi Gong) will be defined by the Team on the first day of the retreat.
    **  All activities are subject to change during the course of the retreat.

VALUES per person

  • 1 p. in a shared room of 4 people (rooms for girls and rooms for boys, with bunk beds) 760€

  • 1 p. shared double room 1010€

  • 1 p. private room 1210€

  • 1 p. private apartment 1430 €

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