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We offer retreats for self-care, healing and transformation.
Our focus is to help you create healthier and more conscientious living habits.
Come experience a retreat in a magical place, surrounded by the unforgettable beauty of nature in its purest state.




Here you can find retreats exclusive to a certain period. These are usually one time retreats, so pay attention to the dates when making a reservation.



"Tai Chi Weekend"

Are you feeling tired or disconnected?

Come back to a centred place in you. Take this time off to indulge in your senses in a safe place where nature and people around nurture you. Starting with morning qigong and finishing with meditation at night, explore your inner and outer worlds through dance, contemplation, connection with nature, group activities and more.​​

Allow yourself to feel good. Learn to love yourself.

Cópia de Cópia de Cópia de Cópia de Cópi


"The reunion with our Inner Child"

Letting our inner child potentialities to overflow, serving life and love
In this journey, the essential being that exists inside, our inner child, is called to identify the importance of this life’s stage, recognizing the self, allowing a real ripen of the adult that is today.

Giving love to our inner child, we feel the sensation of fulfillment, beginning to know her, restoring the strong bonds that brings us together so, this child can become a valuable resource to our life.

A beautiful rescue of the joy, consciousness, wholeness, dreams and suppressed potentialities.



 "GPS 2020 ImMersion"

We all have our internal GPS that guides and guides us.
What happens is that often it is not well calibrated and we just lose the North, get out of focus, drop our goals. It means losing our personal power and confidence in who we are and where we want to go.

Being aware of all this, and because the energy of the year 2020 is auspicious, we propose that you come with us in the GPS2020 IMMERSION.


Sacred Ceremony of Empowerment 

A spiritual family gathering that shares the sacred medicines of our ancestors.
For all our relationships. Through self-knowledge, fullness and beauty, through the songs and beauty of the forest.

Wheel of Earth medicines, Sacred Songs, Smoothing with herbs and resins, Feather cleaning, The Importance of the Silence and the Word, Sacred Pipe, Mother Earth Offering
Circle Union Dance