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Do you feel like you need quality time with yourself?

Relax and harmonise your mind, body and emotions. You will find a caring team and a place surrounded by nature in her purest state so that you can fully dive in the practices and reach a higher balance. 


Yoga Week

This retreat will offer you the perfect combination between the ancient philosophy of Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine, Reflexology and Meditation, because we believe in the power of synergy and that change is stronger and more effective with the complementary nature of these practices.


Enjoy the delicious vegan and vegetarian meals carefully prepared especially for you, with fresh products from small local farmers.


The practice of Yoga, with postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas), different forms of meditation and relaxation techniques (Nidra), allows for a bigger connection on a physical, emotional and mental level, as well as a stronger connection to your spiritual side.  Ultimately, it’s a connection with the Whole and with everything around you.

The Yoga in Quintinha do Mar is based on the DeRose method, however, we offer a diverse set of possibilities within the practice that are available to anyone.

Day by day and as we progress and evolve in our connection to Yoga, the practices will adapt, whether to the moment or to the groups needs, and they can be more silent or more dynamic. The purpose is always Being, Presence and Connection.

Levels: Beginner and Intermediate



  • Daily yoga classes (two yoga classes a day - 1 hour 30 minutes each - 15 h Total);

  • 1 session Reflexology massage (1h);

  • 1 session Ayurvedic massage (30m);

  • 6 breakfasts and dinners (Vegetarian / Vegan Meals);

  • 5 delicious lunches (Vegetarian / Vegan Meals);

  • 6 nights accommodation.



This is a retreat that occurs several times a year (From April till November). 

  • Arrival dates: Sundays - From 4:00 p.m

  • Departure dates : Saturdays - Till 11:00 a.m



1 p. in a shared room of 4 people (rooms for girls and rooms for boys, with bunk beds)


1 p. shared double room 


1 p. private room 


1 p. private apartment


Lovely warm welcome from our hosts Paula, Yanina and Estaban. They are truly wonderful people. The food was beautiful, Vegan and incredibly nourishing, healthy and prepared with lots of love. Nothing was too much trouble for our hosts. My mum was ill (sunstroke) for one of the days we were here and they all took wonderful care of her. We had two Ayurvedic massages whilst we were there and they were fantastic. Our room was beautifully decorated, incredibly clean and with lots of lovely personal touches, ornaments and unique furniture. It was a very comfortable place to stay. The surroundings are so peaceful and maintained beautifully. There are two beaches nearby which are fantastic. We enjoyed some wonderful days out to Sintra, Mafra and the local beaches. The Yoga with Sara (twice a day) was amazing. It was a small class (usually only two of us) in beautiful surroundings. She was incredibly patient, kind and friendly. We were very sad to leave everyone and we feel like we have made some lovely friends. The whole experience really was life changing. I’ve never been anywhere so warm, welcoming and kind before. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something peaceful, rejuvenating and unique. We’d love to go back. The surfing was ok but we only went once. I must stress that this is provided by an external company and not run by the retreat. Very friendly but understaffed and a bit disorganised. We preferred to enjoy our retreat instead!!

Laura Magin from United Kingdom

"Retreat filled with miracles"

This retreat just had it all... a wonderful garden, beautiful yogaspace inside, great location close to the ocean, delicious vegan food, very skilled teachers and lovely company of Paula herself. Everything came together for me and it changed my life! When you pay attention... there's miracles around you every day.


"Authentic yoga retreat that can change your life"

I felt this place is very authentic and not the typical 'hip' yoga place you can find everywhere nowadays. If you're willing to pay close attention to everything the people around you are giving you (e.g. my yoga-teacher, my new friends that I made and Paula, the owner) it can really change your life. The food is prepared with a lot of love and is very tasty and healthy. Paula, who cooks as well, likes to cook vegan and as much as possible from her own (permaculture) garden with seasonal vegetables that grow in the region. We had the opportunity to get to know Paula a bit and great about her is, is that she leaves everyone in their own value and gives you ideas about what she knows and learned (which is a lot!). This place has all the ingredients you need to calm down, relax, reflect and heal: very warm relaxing yoga, delicious food, nice people, wonderful big garden overviewing the valley and the ocean literally around the corner. Coming back from that amazing place in nature I noticed how big the impact has been. This place is TRULY beautiful!! I wish Paula & her family all the best and lots of love!

Elisabeth Kokora from Portugal