Quintinha do Mar

About Us

Quintinha do Mar is, since 2012, at the service of the balance of the being, the body, the mind and the spirit. We offer retreats that promote self-awareness, healing, transformation and well-being.

We are in a privileged location, between the mountains and the sea, where you can enjoy a full retreat with no external distractions.


Here, we take care of the smallest of details. We invite you to be present in every moment, to create intention, to slow down, to rest and detox, at your own pace. You can propose yourself to do emotional work and contribute profoundly to your own self development. Here, you can Be. 


The Why

“This space was born from the search of my own purpose in life. Believing in Love, in knowledge sharing, in trust and surrender to life’s wisdom, in inner intuition, in cooperation with natures’ intelligence and learning with mother earth… In a service attitude towards others for the Greater Good, one small step at a time, leaving big footprints. In the search for our bigger Self Quintinha do Mar was born.”

Paula Maria - Founder


Our Philosophy

We believe that a full, happy and healthy life depends not only in the practice of all the activities that address the balance between body, mind and spirit, but we find also fundamental the healing and regenerative potential in being close and taking care of nature.


Our focus is helping to create healthy and conscious life habits, learn to listen and respect the natural rhythms of our body.

Our approach is directed to improving the health and not to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

We act on the principle that, when our diet is rich in fresh and living food, based in vegetables and fruit, at the same time that we integrate holistic practices and are in contact with nature, we become more present and centred, and become able to express our emotions more fluidly.

That’s the path to healing.


We encourage active listening because it’s fundamental to listen and support others without judgement or criticism.

We embrace the mission to welcome everyone who wish for a non-religious spiritual experience.

Sustainability is also one of Quintinha do Mar pilars. You can see it in the materials we use, in our recipe’s ingredients and in our lifestyle. We respect our space the same way we hope our visitors to respect.

The team

Paula Maria

Founder and Host

Paula Rodrigues, 58 years old, is the founder of the project. In 2012 she idealized about creating a place for retreats that makes us feel at home and at the same time invites us to accomplish deep self-awareness, healing and transformation work. 

Pedro Rodrigues

Host and Coordinator

Pedro, as Paula’s son, grew among the groups of guests of the most diverse locations of the world. Quickly he realized how much he felt accomplished when receiving and taking care of others as if they were family members, making them feel at home. Pedro is always ready to help. Nowadays he studies different self-development practices and is in charge of managing the volunteers’ team and the sustainability of Quintinha do Mar.

Rita Antão

Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist and Naturopath

Graduated in organic chemistry (1997), expert in naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine (2010), medicinal and oriental herbs investigator. Rita developed unique detox methods through food and phytotherapy. She uses traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic methods, she studies and applies naturopathy, vegan, rawness and hygiene concepts.

Angélica Monteiro

Qi Gong Teacher & Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist

Angélica got to know Traditional Chinese Medicine through Qi Gong, when in 2004 she started the course of Qi Gong instructors at the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


She had the opportunity to learn from Portuguese and foreign teachers and to get to know China.

She worked with elementay school children and did her internship prisoners at the Lisbon Prison. In 2010, she started the course in Traditional Chinese Medicine and today she is a Qi Gong Teacher and Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist.

Florence Briot

Taijiwuxigong Teacher

Florence is a retired nurse who moved from the United Kingdom to Portugal in 2016. Along the years she experimented several approaches in the field of body awareness (dance, Hatha Yoga movement, Tai Chi and Amerta). From 2006 on, she started studying Taijiwuxigong and Buqi with Dr. Shen Hongxun. Since 2015 she’s been teaching Taijiwuxigong. Florence is passionate about helping her students discover their self-healing capacity through Taijiwuxigong.

Elisa Evangelista

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, 

For a long time, Elisa has adopted Yoga and Meditation as her daily practice of realignment with her inner self. Between the years of 2002 and 2003, she joined a teachers’ training on the DeRose method. Since then, she’s a yoga and meditation teacher and a sound healing therapist. Elisa believes Yoga is a tool that helps us be the best version of ourselves when dealing with life and that the simplest of practices gives a new vision of ourselves and the world, with greater understanding, vitality and empowerment.


Natscha Julião

Therapist  - Scalar Heart Connection™ e PSYCH-K®

Natascha Julião Martinez studies and experiences the facets of the human mind for more than 20 years. Her work is a transformation agent that aims to inspire any individual in locating and directing their lives in resonance with their soul purpose and longings. She’s experienced in the care for athletes, people of all ages and animals. Apart from her studies in Psychology, she specialized in the most modern techniques for mental awareness and development in the search for health has a whole. Certified by PSYCH-K® Centre International, IBA Global Healing and Humaniversidade, she’s trained with renowned authors and instructors such as Amit Goswani, Deepak Chopra, Beth Houstein, Stephen Linsteadt, Otávio Leal and Kris Attard. Married at 21 years old and mother of 3 beautiful boys, she works with love and sensitivity.

Inês Marques

Digital Communication Technician

By embracing branding, graphic design and digital marketing, Inês discovered self-awareness tools as well as a holistic approach with the ultimate goal of reaching a sterling digital communication.

She truly believes that brands are made and exist to have a positive impact on the world.

With these believes in mind and having these ideas into consideration, one of the key features of Ines is to provide a well-defined and needful support focused not only on strategy creation but also on the communication through interactive or digital media.