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21 Days to Reprogram the Beliefs that Limit You

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Grande árvore

"Take care of you to not get separated from yourself."

(African saying)

The Emotions Detox is an invitation to deepen the relationship with yourself, to heal your emotional wounds so you can embrace your potential and, with confidence, transform all areas of your life.


For 21 days, in the comfort of your home, you will have access to exclusive content, with the goal to help you develop a loving relationship with yourself.

Through the use of simple but highly effective strategies (mental reprogramming, meditation, physical activity, positive psychology) and therapeutic support over the process we will be able to observe
gradual shifts that will lead you to implement healthy habits in a natural, simple and fluid way.

Folhas tropicais 2
Folhas tropicais 2

How does the

Online Program work?

Daily, for 21 days:


Recorded classes:

21  Yoga class

Qi Gong exercises



My Mirror (21 MeditationS and Exercices)

Gratitude Journal (21 Exercices)


2 Group Session - Family Constellations



Support through Whatsapp.

Online Format:

The content will have different formats (Audio, PDF and Videos) 


21 days

(You can extend or repeat the program with 15% discount)

Language: Portuguese or English

Image by Sincerely Media
Image by Manny Moreno

Do you feel…

With little energy or motivation?

You have a challenging relationship with your body?

Devalued in your workplace ou in your family?

Like you can’t find an activity or hobby that fulfils you?

You are in an affectionate relationship that doesn’t nourish you?

For those who seek to:

Take care of themselves

Improve their self-esteem and their relationships

Rediscover themselves

Connect with their essence

Be agents of their own change

Have more emotional balance

Set life, personal and/or professional goals

Make more conscious decisions in their lives

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By participating in this program you will take full care of your Being:

Physical: Movement. Daily physical activity;

Emotional: Release. Awareness, acceptance and emotions transmutation;

Mental: Presence. Reprogramming thoughts and limiting beliefs.


por João Doederlein

"Is to take care of yourself with respect. It’s having a good relationship with the mirror. It’s when people make you overflow instead of completing. It’s to be proud of the person you are today. It’s realizing that accepting yourself is more important than being accepted. It’s to hold hands with your reflection. It’s to love yourself in days where there is no love.

It’s an umbrella for days of inner storm."

Founder - Quintinha do Mar

Paula Rodrigues, 58 years old, is the founder of Quintinha do Mar. In 2012 she idealised about creating a place for retreats, courses and activities that lead us back to our heart,

our home.

Paula believes believe in the path of Love.

Her favourite method is “simplicity” to help us become aware of ourselves and to dive

into healing and transformation.


Paula Maneira

Folhas tropicais 2


€ 210

Daily for 21 Days you will have

Exclusive access to all content:

classes and practices

Support with Paula
through Whatsapp.

Payment Methods Available: Paypall, Revolut, Bank Transfer &  MbWay 


Now its time...
To Nurture Yourself.

Rua da Serra, nº 39 Valbom - Carvoeira
2655-150 Ericeira - Portugal
(+351) 913 149 650
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