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Honour your story

Each of us is unique.

There is no one else like me in the whole world. I am distinct from everyone. No one has been through the same as I have. No one experienced the same challenges as me and no one overcame them like I did. And this has made me the person I am today, so I need to honour and accept the story of my life with love and compassion.

I need to honour my growth and my love for myself, regardless of whether

those life challenges have been sad or happy. 💚

I give thanks for all who crossed paths with me and for every experience

I had with them. I look back at my past with no guilt and no desire to

change anything, as those least welcome challenges have made me the

person I am today. I have within me a bunch of stories that only I have

lived and I am very grateful for all of them. 🙏

What about you?

Do you honour your story?✨


*The information and suggestions contained in this blog are merely informative and do not replace the follow-up of specialized health therapists.


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