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There is nothing that Nature does not teach us.

It gives us everything we need. 🌱

Nature speaks to us if we are attentive and willing to listen. Each hour of every day it is sending us signs of what we need. It also mirrors us to show us very subtly what we still need to look at and work on. Nature is so grand, powerful, transformative, resilient and generous. I wonder why we stubbornly mistreat her?

Is it because we still don't love ourselves enough and thus we fail to see all the love and beauty she sends us?

Today I felt the need to take care of her, and on my morning walk I took a bag with me to clean up the dirt some careless people left behind.

What about you?

Are you careless with Nature?

And with yourself? 💚


*The information and suggestions contained in this blog are merely informative and do not replace the follow-up of specialized health therapists.


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