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The power of gratitude

It is my belief that gratitude is one of the most powerful tools to raise our energy. ✨

It is also simple, easy and free. Living in gratitude for our life process means accepting the divine in us and more importantly accepting that process.

It means living in the here and now, knowing that things had to be this way, that they couldn't have been any other way and it means acknowledging and accepting that it was precisely what my soul needed to reach this moment.

It means learning from all this and being aware that I have another opportunity today to do things differently and to grow and evolve with this difference. Every morning, as I wake up and realize that I have yet another day of opportunities for growth ahead of me, I give thanks.

I am truly grateful. 💚 Because every night some people go to sleep and do not wake up again. This feeling of " wow, another day !".

But it is indeed one more day, and that is all I need every day when I wake up, just one more day.

What about you?

What are you grateful for today? 🙏


*The information and suggestions contained in this blog are merely informative and do not replace the follow-up of specialized health therapists.


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