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Quintinha do Mar is, since 2012, at the service of the balance of the being, the body, the mind and the spirit. We offer retreats that promote self-awareness, healing, transformation and well-being. We are in a privileged location, between the mountains and the sea, where you can enjoy a full retreat with no external distractions.


Here, we take care of the smallest of details. We invite you to be present in every moment, to create intention, to slow down, to rest and detox, at your own pace. You can propose yourself to do emotional work and contribute profoundly to your own self development. Here, you can Be. 


The Place

We are a living, quiet, cosy and full of details space with messages ready to be found. 

We are 5 minutes away from the most beautiful shorelines of Ericeira.

Welcome and, please, feel at home!


Quintinha do Mar is the perfect place for a health spiritual retreat that you are searching for. Days of peace await you. An opportunity to leave the accelerated pace of your days and find the time to reflect about your well-being, your projects, your emotions and set new goals. 

Therapeutic Activities

Taking care of us, our body, mind and spirit, promoting our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being is fundamental to face the daily challenges with enthusiasm and joy for life.



Discovering Healthy
Cooking & Eating

Transform Your Life through Food

Detox Retreats



February - November

The 1-day retreat is the ideal proposal for those who seek to take a deep breath, save a day just for yourself amid nature, away from the daily stress.




February - November

The 3-days retreat is the ideal proposal for those who seek a break from daily life, in a refuge amid nature. This retreat will give you the necessary momentum for you to return to your routine with greater clarity and vitality.





February - November

The 7-days retreat is the ideal proposal for those who seek to enjoy the full benefits of detoxing. A program designed to give your body space and time to decelerate, re-establish and regenerate.



Our retreats are carefully designed for small groups, an intimate and secure environment to accomplish a deep emotional work that contributes to your personal development.

"Truly healing space.The whole atmosphere of this place with incredible loving Paula is such a blast for the soul. Cannot express my gratutude in words. The home is very cosy, food is just delicious, qi gong and yoga lessons were absolutly amazing I have learnt so much, therapy from Romi and ayurvedic massage helped me to see and realize many things about myself. The location is so peacefull and very close to the ocean through such a wonderfull path. It was magical time for me. And loving and carying Paula on top witj her beautiful family. Many thanks."


Iva Sedlackova/ Yoga and Qi Gong Retreat


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